Covid-19 Update

March 23, 2020

Dear Valued Customers of Green Bay Anodizing,
On March 23, 2020, Governor Tony Evers has issued a #saferathome declaration. Under the order, people will be able to go to grocery stores, doctor’s offices and pharmacies and go outside to exercise or walk a dog. But people will be required to stay at home for most other reasons the governor noted.

Green Bay Anodizing is also exempt from this as we are an essential partner to many industries including defense, paper, energy, food and medical. Without our coatings, work could stop at some of our customers facilities.

A memorandum has been issued through the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Agency on Identification of Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers. It is very important that we follow these guidelines to maintain the critical infrastructure of our country. The memorandum can be found at….

GBA is closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and providing our employees with the information to take necessary precautions for health and safety. We will continue normal operations for now and our normal pickup and delivery is 7-5pm.

With everyone’s help, we will get through this.


Green Bay Anodizing

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Responsible to environment

Green Bay Anodizing has continued it’s commitment to the environment by maintaining our water quality standard for the NEW Water. GBA has been in compliance for the past 4 years, scoring two silver certificates and 2 Gold certificates. As part of the Green Bay Sewage District, we are committed to our down stream discharge and maintaining  a standard that will always be responsible to the environment.

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